Friday, February 29, 2008

Aaron & Kim

I shot Aaron and Kim's Bridal session in Makena prior to their Feb. 23rd mainland wedding. They had a fun and lively session and came away with a lot of awesome images to show everyone at their reception. After an hour of shooting and then waiting for sunset shots we had finished the session... or so I thought. Driving home I saw the bright purple neon lights at a nearby shopping center and asked Aaron and Kim if they were up for more picture taking. They were game so we pulled up into the parking lot and shot a bunch of cool images to add to their bridal collection. Beautiful images + happy people! Congratulations Aaron and Kim!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day! Lucky & In Love!

Jennifer and Tim are not only a beautiful couple- their love and passion for one another definitely shows! I love it when couples are willing to do whatever you suggest..something different...non-traditional. We shot on the beach, then got shave-ice (that's what we call Snow cones in Hawaii) and did some evening shots next to the store-fronts. I loved how the images turned out! Click on the show and let it upload (about 10 sec).

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


2 Free Photo Session Contests!
Enter to win by February 12th. is shooting cupid’s arrow, targeting two lucky couples that exhibit characteristics of the theme passion and love. We are looking for one engaged couple and one newlywed couple. The winning prize (valued at over $500) is a gift package which includes approx. 2 hours of photographer’s time to capture fun, romantic images, online proofs, a web-slideshow and a 11x14 collage of favorite images.

Contest #1 Tying the Knot? Taking a Leap of Love? Engaged couples may enter to win a FREE outdoor photo session. We’ll create beautiful images that artistically capture your love story for future generations. This opportunity can be yours! Requirements: Must be 18+. Send a photo of you and your sweetheart along with a short paragraph about what makes your love so special.

Contest # 2 Calling all newlyweds! Take that wedding dress out of the closet! There’s a hot new trend that’s sweeping the nation called “Trash the Dress!” This fashionable type of photography requires you to unleash your inhibitions and have crazy fun - in your wedding dress! Why put your dress in storage never to be used again? No, your daughter will not wear it 20 years from now. Come away with amazing artistic images that capture “unbridaled” passion! It’s all about creation, not destruction. (Learn more by searching “Trash the dress” on Google or YouTube ).

The location(s) may include urban graffiti backgrounds, a field of long grass or a romp on the beach! Imagine yourself running along the shore, hand in hand with your sweetheart. Fall into a passionate embrace and let the gentle waves surround you. Get out of the box, because this is not your mama’s wedding. Just do it...hold on tight...and enjoy every minute of loving life!
Requirements: Must be 18+. Send a photo(s) of you and the dress you want to trash. Write a short paragraph about the love and passion in your relationship and why you want to trash your dress. is operated by husband and wife photography team. Ramona and Curt Okimoto have a free spirited photography style & distinction. “We are inspired to create images that capture the essence of love.’’ Whether it be the passionate romance of a new bride and groom or the miracle of a newborn. We’ll create memories that say I love you a thousand times…without saying a word.

For more information, visit our web site at Click on our BLOG then send an email to with above requirements to enter. Photo sessions available on Maui and Oahu. Please indicate which island. The lucky couples will be announced on February 14th on the blog. Photo sessions to take place in the weeks to follow. Check back for updates and to see who wins!