Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jenna + Jensen • Hale Koa Wedding

Jenna and Jensen were introduced to each other on a camping trip by their best friends. They both told their friends that they liked one another, and it didn't take long for them to become a couple. Jenna and Jensen enjoy going to the beach, eating out and being with their good friends. When they're together "life is good!"

One thing that Curt and I remember from their wedding is finding out how Jensen proposed to Jenna. Jenna had come home from work, exhausted and just wanted to stay-in. Jensen however, had greater plans and kept encouraging her to go out to dinner. Short and sweet version: After dinner, Jensen said that he wanted to play a song for her (Jensen is also quite talented on the guitar!) They took a short stroll out under the moonlight and Jensen proceeded to play a couple songs for her. Then Jensen told Jenna that he had to change one of his guitar strings and asked her to hold one end of the string. Jensen held the other end and carefully put an engagement ring on it and slid it down to her! Awwwwww!!! Now, is that smooth OR WHAT???

Their wedding at the Hale Koa was full of personal touches and spoke volumes on how much Jenna and Jensen love one another. On another note, it was so nice to also see two couples who were our former brides and grooms over 10 years ago who are cousins to Jenna- Kim & Tyson and Kehau & William! We are honored to be somewhat of a "family photographer!"

It was great to work with James from Crane Media! He did a beautiful job on the video that was shown at the reception. Watanabe Florist provided the lovely blue rose bouquet and floral arrangements. Enjoy the slideshow!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shayna and Duke • Hale Koa Wedding

We wanted to congratulate Shayna and Duke on their recent marriage at the Hale Koa Hotel! It was such a beautiful wedding and Shayna and Duke as well as their bridesmaids and groomsmen were a lot of fun to work with. This couple share a passion for adventures and travel! Their wedding theme for their favors and decor reflected this common interest of traveling the world together as best friends and lovers. View highlights from their wedding slideshow. Click play :)

Shayna's beautiful flowers were made by Watanabe Florist.
Wedding Officiant Alice Inoue helped to facilitate such a warm and heartfelt ambiance throughout the ceremony. There was hardly a dry eye!