Thursday, July 30, 2009

Love in all Seasons • Hale Kulani Wedding

Larry and Yuri met through a their good friend who thought that they would be good together. Their wedding celebration was held at the 5-star Hale Kulani Hotel in Waikiki. Their reception was a lovely event with a delicious menu prepared by Hale Kulani's award winning chefs.

Larry is a Hiroshima Bomb survivor and a man with great wisdom. We were very impressed by his concluding speech which he related a story about his visit to his eye doctor and his comparison of one's vision and having a positive outlook on life:

Shall we have a "CLEAR VISION"
on the future of our world and mankind
so that we can sustain world peace
and endow happiness to all of us on the earth.

With our "CLEAR VISION,"
we shall live by and maintain
a kind of lifestyle worthy of ourselves."

Larry Miwa
Hale Kulani
June 27, 2009

Larry and Yuri's union has proved that we can find love in all seasons of life. May you have a blessed and wonderful life together!

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